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BTEC award in transporting passengers by taxi and private hire

The BTEC course is designed to support and enhance the knowledge of drivers working in a passenger carrying career and is considered a mark of the professionalism of both the driver and organisation employing him.

The course comprises the following modules:
  • Passenger transport and disability awareness.
  • Taxi and private hire safety.
  • Carriage of luggage and parcels by taxi.
  • Route planning.
  • Customer service for passenger transport.
  • Taxi and private hire regulations (UK).
  • Passenger transport and equal opportunities.

Passenger Assistant Training Scheme (PATS)

In situations where passengers may be considered vulnerable we provide an escort in addition to the driver. We recognise that they, as well as their drivers, share in a "duty of care" to their passengers and that to enable escorts to work effectively, and exercise that "duty of care", they require training.

Our escorts undergo PATS training, which includes the following modules:
  • The role of the escort: this is a starting point and covers the role and responsibilities of the escort, including legal, practical and safety issues.
  • Assisting passengers with disabilities: which includes general disability awareness and passenger assistance techniques.
  • Assisting wheelchair users who travel in their wheelchairs: This includes loading and unloading using lifts and ramps and assisting wheelchair users to travel in their wheelchairs.
  • Supervising children and young people with special needs: Which includes supervising children and young people with learning difficulties, autism, physical disabilities, sensory restrictions and emotional or behavioural difficulties.
  • Working with adults who require care and supervision: This includes adult passengers with learning difficulties, dementia, physical disabilities, sensory restrictions and people in mental or emotional distress.

NVQ in Passenger Transport

The NVQ course is not specific to the transport of passengers with special needs, it is more a general passenger transport qualification that targets safety of passengers, customer care, health and safety in the workplace as well as handling passengers that do have special needs.

The course comprises the following modules:
  • Driving passenger carrying vehicles safely
  • Effective working relationships with colleagues.
  • Health and safety in the work environment.
  • Providing professional customer care.
  • Helping passengers with special needs.
  • Preparing for passenger carrying journeys.
  • Receiving and matching fare payments to tickets.
  • Transporting parcels and luggage.